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Wooden Home Framing
Family in the Kitchen




At Alvand Properties, whether we're working on a renovation project or new construction build, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality home.

Our team of experts are thorough and attentive every step throughout the entire process. We focus on the details from the framing stage to the cabinet pulls, and everything in between.

Our team works closely with our architects and designers to build a  beautiful and functional home.


We  aim to combine the history and charm that Houstonians love, with the necessities and efficiency that they need. It's about making a family's life much better within their home.

When we begin a project, our first thought goes to envisioning the family we hope will build memories there.​

Our team at Alvand Properties is family-owned and operated. We recognize the values and principles that come along with a strong family and strive to convey that through our homes for your family.

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